Why start this Blog?

17/ April 2012

why start this blogI started this blog for a few reasons:

1. To provide a ‘frequently asked questions’ resource for companies who rent office space in Seattle.  I’ve been representing office tenants with space acquisition and lease negotiations for (what I consider to be) a long time and am constantly answering the same questions.  Hopefully some will read my posts and we can all save some time!

2. Information relevant to office tenants is constantly passing across my desk.  I’m hoping that as this blog evolves I will be able to post this information in a way that is valuable to readers.

3. I am excited about the idea of embracing new technology.  I’m convinced that over the next 20 years of my career my prospects and customers will be using this type of medium more and more to find information.  The goal is to save time for myself and readers but I also think this is fun!

4. Obviously – shameless self promotion!

Written by // Jade Rice