Furniture Dealers & Designers

27/ August 2012

furniture dealersAs with movers, Audio Visual, and Voice/Data Cabling vendors, I don’t do much hands-on work with furniture vendors.  The purpose of this post is to provide you with some ideas for furniture vendors you can call to interview and get bids from.

When looking into buying furniture, notice the difference between manufacturers and dealers.   Also, certain dealers only work with certain brands so if you can’t find a solution with one dealer then maybe the brand of another dealer will work better for your design or vision.  Below is a list of furniture vendor options to consider that includes manufacturers, dealers and resellers:

  1. MBI
  2. OM Workspace
  3. BiNW
  4. Knoll
  5. H2 Office Design

Click here for more detailed contact information.

Written by // Jade Rice