Construction & Move Managers: What They Do & Who to Consider

27/ August 2012

move managerFor specific office tenant improvement projects and facility relocations, a project/move manager will save your company a lot more than they cost.  Project/Move managers provide their greatest value in the following areas:

  • Manage the construction of tenant improvements
    • Prevent change orders
    • Attend weekly status review meetings
    • Budget forecasting and review
    • Oversee the architect & contractor
    • Control time/cost overruns
  • Manage the team of vendors needed to perform an office move
    • Audio Visual
    • Voice/Data Cabling
    • Furniture
    • Movers
    • Control time/cost overruns

Costs for project/move managers vary depending on the size and scope of the project.  Project/move managers should have an ‘a-la-carte’ menu of services you can choose from.  I’ve seen a project/move manager cost $30K for a 40 person company with a robust server room requirement and over half a million for a 1200 person office buildout and relocation.

If you think your company would find value in hiring a project/move manager, you might as well meet with a few and get some bids.  Below are a few options:

  1. Flinn Ferguson Corporate Real Estate – Bonnie Hanson
  2. Robinson Company – Kirk Robinson
  3. Project Planning, LLC – Laurel Vanick
  4. Lile Logistics Services – Kirk Manahan
  5. Unispace – Dennis Markham

For more specific contact information for each of the people above, here is a link.

Written by // Jade Rice